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Garage Door Cable Tracks

Garage Door Cable Tracks

We are meticulous, well trained and equipped contractors and promise efficient cable and track repair and replacement. We are fast in emergencies and promise excellent garage door cable/track repair parts.

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Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors

We're trained to install but also repair, replace and maintain glass doors with accuracy and efficiency. We're at your service for problems and offer you the best glass doors and emergency repairs.

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Rollup Garage Door

Rollup Garage Door

We are the best technicians in Rollup Garage Door services and guarantee immediate arrival to urgent problems.

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High Quality Services

Do you want to replace some garage door parts and need some new tips? Read here.

Force testing

The experiences that our company has had over the years have led us to recommend that you do a force test once every month. First ensure that the door is fully open. You should then press the wall button or transmitter. Hold the bottom of the door. Pull your hand if the door does not retract.

Annual lubrication

As a must you should lubricate your garage doors every six months. This will reduce the risk of rusting and those noisy creaks that can turn into a nightmare. Ensure that you use a quality lubricant and that it is applied to the tracks, hinges and rollers. Wipe away the excess bits and your structure should be fine.

Garage door opener issues

Garage door repair Allendale recommends looking at the power source since it is more often than not the cause of the problem. You can pull out the emergency release and check the sensors. Remember that it is easier to control a manual system compared to an electrical one so do not attempt to use the remote.

Ascertain the CE compliance of the electric door operators you get

The electric garage door operator you get should be of high quality. To ensure high quality, our experts advise the checking for CE compliance. The unit should be checked and approved by the appropriate authorities. It should be equipped with the safety features expected in all modern garage door openers or operators.

Select a new opener in line with the weight of the door

The heavier the garage door is, the more powerful the electric operator has to be. Even the heaviest residential doors should be well served by a unit with up to 1 horsepower. Still, if you do not mind the extra energy usage, you can opt for a more powerful device with higher opening speed.

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